Anarchist Who Threw Bomb at Federal Courthouse Accidentally Identified Thanks to His Grandmother Bragging Online

These Antifa kids are getting captured and outed in the weirdest ways possible.

It seems like most of them are getting ID’d thanks to their unique clothing or tattoos that are captured on video while they’re breaking the law.

This one here I am about to tell you about appears to have been caught thanks to a unique vest his grandmother bought for him and then bragged about it online.

Here’s the video of the bombing incident (warning language):

From Bizpacreview

It’s believed the child pictured in the tweet above is the extremist who threw the firebomb. What’s interesting about that is that one week ago, on July 21st, a 65-year-old+ woman left a review on the website of Hibbett Sporting Goods for a “reflexive” vest that’s designed to look like a grown man’s bulletproof vest.

“I got this for my grandson who’s a protestor downtown, he uses it every night and says its [sic] does the job,” grandma proudly wrote.

In the event that these are the same people, it would appear that the fire bomber is a punk grandma’s boy whose terrorism — or at least some of it — is being funded by his nana.

This unsurprising revelation has naturally made the kid a target of mockery. If you want to be a terrorist — one going up against grown men, many of whom have likely served overseas — then at least be a man, not a little boy.

Plus, there may be enough video footage to get the kid arrested and sent to federal prison. And well, federal prison isn’t a fun place for little boys.

The young guy who allegedly threw the explosive appears to have been identified thanks to his grandma, who bought her grandson a special tactical vest to wear during the protest and then bragged about how “great” it was online.

Here’s a close-up of the image:

In the end, I truly believe that God always finds a way to help the righteous warriors win the battle.

These communists and apparently their families too are working overtime to destroy this country, but their arrogance always bites them in the butt.


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