Gun Ownership Is Now A Privilege, Not A Right

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Nowadays, we are constantly hearing from the left that gun ownership is the problem, and gun owners are the enemy.

Just ask any of the 20+ Democrats currently running to replace President Trump. Some of them advocate for outright gun confiscation, while all of them favor some form of major gun control.

To help make their point, the Democrats often point to more “enlightened” countries, such as New Zealand, where gun confiscation is the norm. Former President Obama has even gotten behind the New Zealand model.

But how are things going in New Zealand right now?

Well, for starters, their Prime Minister just announced that from now on, gun ownership is a privilege, not a right. You know, like driving!

From Bearing Arms:

New Zealand is in the midst of its compensated confiscation program, ordering legal gun owners in the country to hand over their semi-automatic rifles in exchange for a small bit of cash. It’s still an open question as to how many New Zealanders are complying with the new law, but Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is moving ahead with more legislation blocking foreigners from legally purchasing firearms as well as establishing a gun registry.

Ardern said the legislation further restricting guns in the country will enshrine in law that owning a firearm is a privilege” rather than a right.

The new rules would mean any foreign visitors to the country, classified as anyone planning to stay in New Zealand for less than a year, would be barred from buying guns. Those wishing to hunt in New Zealand would be forced to rent guns or bring their own and register them with police.

I guess they do things differently down under. Here, we talk about registration leading to confiscation, but in New Zealand, the confiscation came first and registration second.

After the Christchurch massacre and the subsequent gun ban in New Zealand, we saw American politicians embrace the ban and confiscation of legally owned firearms. “If New Zealand can do it, why can’t we?” they asked.

If the Democrats have their way, America will become the next New Zealand when it comes to gun rights.

The only thing standing in their way is the Constitution and you, the American people.

Don’t let them get away with it.

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