House Dems Turn to ‘Green Tech Junk’ in 538-Page Climate Plan


Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi unveiled a 538-page climate plan on Tuesday that is designed to eliminate the U.S. economy’s contributions to global warming.

The plan seeks to address climate change through a combination of government mandates, tax incentives and revamped infrastructure, according to The Washington Post.

Pelosi and Rep. Kathy Castor’s proposal would require electrical utilities to eliminate all of their greenhouse gasses within the next 20 years and mandate that automakers produce only electric vehicles by 2035, The Post reported.

The plan also calls for a price on carbon emissions.

“We’re going to press ahead with everything we can do in the near term,” Castor, chair of the House Select Committee on Climate Crisis, told The Post.

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“But yes, it will provide a plan that can be taken off the shelf and adopted into law as soon as we are able to reconvene.”

Castor addressed concerns that climate change is not the most pressing issue facing the nation.

“People would say, ‘Well, why are you releasing this in the middle of COVID and … protests?’ ” Castor said. “We can’t wait. We can’t wait any longer.”

Pelosi pushed the plan on Twitter as well. “Democrats are committed to #SolvingTheClimateCrisis. Tune in as we unveil our action plan,” the California Democrat told her Twitter followers. 

Conservatives and energy advocates pushed back against the measure.

Democrats should “drop their expensive and radical green energy wish list,” environmental and public health consultant Steve Milloy said in a news release on Tuesday.

Should House Dems be focusing on climate change right now?

“Amid an economically devastating pandemic, Democrats want to raise the price of electricity and gasoline with a carbon tax and subsidies for green tech junk like windmills, solar panels and electric vehicles,” Milloy said.

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“These polices will only intensify financial suffering for Americans” while doing little to stop climate change, he added.

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