JUST IN: Judge Who Granted FISA Warrant Tied to Obama

We now know that one of the judges that granted the FISA warrant in 2016 based on the phony Hillary funded Trump dossier was Rudolph Contreras.

Guess who he was appointed by?






Look inside the red oval for the answer..

From Jacob Wohl

Rudolph Contreras was the FISA Judge who issued a warrant to spy on Carter Page because of a Yahoo News article and a Phony Dossier. Guess who appointed Contreras to the FISA Court? Barack Hussein Obama.

Obama appointed Contreras to the FISA court in May 2016, just before he would become the unscrupulous (at best) judge that would issue the warrant to spy on Carter Page

Judge Rudolph Contreras was also appointed to rule on General Fynn’s case. What a coincidence? He just happened to recuse himself from that case a couple of weeks ago, when news of the Nunes Memo first hit the wire

Some responses to the bombshell.




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