NEW Starbucks CEO Has Admitted She Doesnt Like White People

Starbucks is one of those places that is so pretentious that even if that was the only thing off about them there wouldn’t be a whole lot of people that would admit to drinking their coffee.




The second thing is that their views are pretty much backwards of how things should really be. Wanting to hire refugees over veterans is one of those things where you couldn’t get anyone with decency to drink that swill even if you paid them.

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The coffee chain giant had, until recently, Howard Schultz as CEO. You might remember Howard. He is a hard-core liberal who vocally supported Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton in their presidential races.

He famously dismissed supporters of traditional marriage when he said any Starbucks investor who didn’t support gay marriage should sell their shares and take their business elsewhere.

Yeah, that guy.

Schultz stepped down as CEO in 2017, but still remains the executive chairman. Starbucks finally found his replacement, however, when they announced that Rosalind Brewer would serve as the new CEO of Starbucks. Brewer served as CEO of Sam’s Club until earlier this year.

It was an announcement hailed by many in the business community, but not all, as Brewer has a history of controversial statements. In particular, it appears she gets triggered by the sight of white guys in board rooms.

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It all goes back to an interview she gave CNN in 2015, in which she seemed to have a problem with too many white men in corporate America.

The Washington Post reported on a particular exchange in the interview. CNN’s Poppy Harlow asked Rosalind Brewer about what it would take to see more women at the top of corporate America. Brewer answered.


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