Ukrainian Officials Release Hunter Biden’s Records of 46 Payments From Burisma Holdings, Totaling Over $3.1 Million

By HJIC at Illicit Info OPINION Blog

Opinion| Mark Sidney| As the famous Johnny Cash song goes,

“You can run on for a long time

Joe Biden bragged about getting Viktor Shokin fired during a 2018 speech to the Council on Foreign Relations.

The media immediately covered for Biden and said his targeting of Mr. Shokin was totally unrelated to the prosecutor’s corruption investigation into Hunter and Burisma Holdings.

New memos released because of a FOIA lawsuit filed by award-winning investigative reporter John Solomon show Burisma Holdings contacted the Obama State Department several times during the 2016 election to discuss ending the probe.

In fact, Burisma Holdings actually name-dropped Hunter Biden when requesting help from the State Department.”

Now, this is from CD Media, they are reporting that former Ukrainian official Oleksandr Onyshchenko claimed last week, that Hunter Biden was the recipient of “off the books” payments from Burisma in the millions.

Tuesday CD Media released, what they claim to be, leaked records of payments from Burisma to Hunter biden, which you can see, total in the millions of dollars … allegedly.

Via CD Media:

*You can Read about the payments here.

The documents show 46 payments to Hunter Biden’s company from November 2014 to November 2015.

Adam Schiff, can you please call Hunter Biden as a wittness yet?  If he has nothing to hide … why not?

This article originally appeared at Illicit Info OPINION Blog and was republished with permission.

*Some edits were made.

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