[WATCH] Jake Tapper Conducts the Rudest Interview Ever

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Man, Jake Tapper is having more ups and downs that a rickety old rollercoaster


Sometimes he has his very brief, moments of wisdom, like he did when he lambasted Biden’s top campaign chief on his avoidance of speaking on “court stacking.”

Tapper actually earned his money today, when he called out Biden’s deputy campaign manager for the absolute absurdity of the “court-packing” question that Biden refuses to answer.

And Biden went on to make matters even worse, by now claiming what Republicans are doing by filling RBG’s seat is unconstitutional “court-packing.”


Biden is either a complete nimrod or he’s trying like hell to sell the American people a rotten bill of goods…maybe it’s both.

Either way, Tapper didn’t let Biden’s campaign off the hook…and even at the end, he stuck them with a pretty good dig.

You can watch the video below:



But here we see the unhinged liberal side of Tapper when he interviewed Lara Trump.

I mean, he berated her, he mocked her and then ended the interview in the most abrupt and rude way ever by shouting over her as she tried to answer his questions.

It’s quite possibly the most disrespectful interview you’ll see.

Watch the video:

Pretty horrendous right?

He is such a snarky, rude, bitter little man.


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